Blockchain Technology Beyond Imaginable

IBCT makes it possible to experience a blockchain-enabled society everywhere

Trilemma to Trinity

Blockchain technology is a cutting-edge technology that has the potential to change our lives.
Currently, Blockchain technology is in a rigorous testing phase.


Distributed transaction ledger without 3rd party

Flawless data blocks generated within the ecosystem

Trustless enforcement programmed inside each block



  • Investigating the latest blockchain technological innovation
  • Analyzing the latest blockchain community trends and related services
  • Hosting blockchain technical seminars


  • Public & private blockchain platform design and development
  • Coin and token(ERC20, Etc.) development based on existing blockchain
  • Development of smart contract and decentralized application (Dapp)

    *Dapp : decentralized application and services based on distributed nodes and programs.


  • Professional, multi-faceted consulting based on the experience of traditional high-tech industry, including ICT, and blockchain technology
  • Blockchain service consulting for public domain
  • P2P service modeling and design for cooperative, shared economy


IBCT HK(Institute of Blockchain Technology and Service in HongKong)

IBCT is a team of experts who believe in the future possibilities of the blockchain technology

We are passionate learners and rigorous developers of the technology. In the past, our team carried out numerous blockchain research projects conducted by the government of South Korea and successfully developed ERC20 based tokens and ICO businesses.

Through various project experiences, we have patents and its exclusive rights related to the blockchain technology.



Turbulence, Anxiety and Motivation


"One must acknowledge with cryptography no amount of violence will ever solve a math problem."

Jacob Appelbaum

Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet

"The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks."

Satoshi Nakamoto

The genesis of Bitcoin

"Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world."

Eric Hughes




Yan Shuo Zhi

Chairwoman, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT HK)

Shuozhi Yan has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and international trade from Zhejiang University. She is the vice president of Shenzhen Coastal Chamber of Commerce, the Chairwoman of Guangdong Shenzhen Blue House Food Co.,Ltd, and the Representative of Hongkong WTI Ltd.


In Bae Park

CEO, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT HK)

In Bae Park majored in Business Management from Cheongju University, and further continued his study in Tamkang University. As a project manager, he led numerous IT projects at a Silicon Valley IT company in Santa Clara, San Francisco, USA and at Visionone Electronics Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. He has an extensive, global expertise in the IT industry.


Wang Zhe Sheng

Director, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT HK)

Jingyi Technology CEO, entered the blockchain industry in 2013, engaged in technical analysis and market research of the project for many years, accurately judged and participated in the Ether Square in 2014 and the EOS project ICO in 2017


Zeng Zi Tao

Marketing Manager, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT HK)

Zeng Zi Tao is one of a few early participants in the Blockchain community. He developed Smart Wallet (DACRS) and Super Bitcoin. He is a member of the EOS Singapore Block Producer and a founder of EOS Token.



Martin Lee

Development, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT KR)

As a PhD candidate in ICT from Inha University, Martin has 10 years of working experience as a researcher at a research institute affiliated with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information and Communication, and the R&D department under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. He was responsible for research planning and PM tasks for the leading ICT fields such as blockchain technology, ubiquitous and RFID.


Yichul Kang

Director, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT KR)

As a PhD candidate in Artificial Neural Network from Pusan National University, Yichul worked as a researcher for 14years in National Computerization Agency. He has planned and developed projects about Next Generation Internet, Home Network, network robot(URC), Broadband Convergence Network(BcN), RFID/USN, Convergence of Broadcasting and Communication(OTT&N-Screen). At IBCT, Yichul is in charge of IBCT R&D team.


Jaemin Oh

Director, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT KR)

He has been engaged in planning, marketing, and business for 16 years at MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Co.) in Korea. Since then, he has worked as a planner and marketer for the block chain field. In recent years, As director of planning, operation, and marketing. Currently, he is the director of the Purple Cow Korea Exchange and is in charge of the operations of exchanges.


Kurihara Atsushi

Development, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT)

Kurihara received his Bachelor's degree of regional culture studies at Tokyo University and MBA from Seoul National University. Kurihara is fluent in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. He has over 9 years of work experience at Canon Inc, overseeing Business Strategy and Marketing. At IBCT, Kurihara is managing On/Off-line marketing strategy.


Hwangje Han

Development, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT)

Hwangje is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Computer Engineering at Inha University’s Embedded Real-Time System Lab. He has extensive experience with Low-Energy Middleware System with data storage technology for video streaming service. He has published two SCOPUS papers as one of the main authors and is currently working on two SCIE papers. He started his career as a blockchain expert by building a core engine of ‘it-chain’. He is a member of IBCT R&D team.


Regis Bafutwabo

Development, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT)

Regis graduated from State University of New York, majoring in Computer Science. He is fluent in four languages. As an active member of SUNY Computing Society and Stony Brook Computing Society, Regis has expanded his computer skills. He is particularly focussing on Web-Development, Java, Redux, and React. At IBCT, Regis is responsible for Front-end framework and Back-end development.


Lily Jeong

Designer, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT)

Lily graduated from Hanyang Woman University majoring in Knit Fashion Design. At Cho Kyung CKI, CO, LTD, Lily started building her career as a Web-Designer and a PM for Fashion Industry. At IBCT, Lily is working as a main Web-Dsigner, planning Business Idently and designing overall IBCT contents.


Kangyeop Lee

Development, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT)

Kangyeop majored in computer Enginnering at Inha University, South Korea. He has participated in multiple heckerthon such as IUPC, Super challenge! He is a member of IBCT R&D team.


Gunhong Lee

Development, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT)

Gunhong majored in computer Enginnering at Inha University, South Korea. He has recently participated in Super Challenge Hackerthon hosted by Inha Univ and the team to which he belong won the second prize. He is fluent in three programming languages(C++, Java and Python) based on variety participation experience of programming competitions. He is a member of IBCT R&D team.


Sanghyun Jung

Development, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT)

SangHyeon graduated from Pusan National University with a master’s degree in Neural Network. He has experience with deep learning, using Generative Adversarial Network. He joined IBCT in 2019 as a new developer. He has various programming language skills(C++, Python and Java). He is a member of IBCT R&D team.


Jiamei Wang

Communicator, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT)

Gami majored in Department of International Trade at Inha University. she spent 6 years studying Korean through various experiences in Korea and working as a Chinese teacher. Currently, IBCT is responsible for translating and interpreting projects, participating in communication with China and marketing in China.


Dongwook Kim

Strategic Planning Director, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT)

He studied Linguistics at Korea University and completed the Blockchain Strategy course at Oxford Side Business School. He has worked for Samsung SDS Home Network Division and Management Strategy Planning Group. He has experience in various fields such as tourism and real estate. He is currently managing strategic planning tasks at IBCT.


Stella Kim

Finance and accountancy, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT)

Stella majored in accountancy, she has 10years of professional career in accounting and business management. At IBCT, Stella is head of finance and accounting team. She is responsible for managing overall financial accountancy, business management and general affairs.


Yujin Kim

Finance and accountancy, Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT)

Yujin majored in accounting management, she got plenty of licenses about accounting. At IBCT, Yujin is member of financial and accounting team. She is responsible for financial accountancy, business management and general affairs.


Young K choe

Advisor of IBCT

He is an editor of “Blockchain Today” magazine. Young is an Expert of ICObench - a global ICO rating platform - and a Director to OSSF(Open Source Software Foundation). He is Adjunct Professor at Yonsei University in Korea. He has experience in crypto-investment, M&A, and many ICO’s. He also serves many blockchain projects as Advisor.


Elina Yurina

Overseas Advisor of IBCT

She has 18 years of extensive hands-on experiences, she had worked in the field of business, especially business relations, M&A, IPO, joint venture, private equity investment projects, exits, and fundraising. Also, she has multiple years of experiences in governmental relations including foreign authorities and administrative issues. 


Artsem Varabyou

Global Advisor

Artsem Varabyou is an experienced technical manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technologyand services industry. Skilled in Software Architecture, Requirements Analysis and ProcessEstablishing. Blockchain enthusiast and consultant.